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Our Mission

In our life, four-legged friends play an important role in teaching us how to love and how to overcome obstacles in our life. Besides, they always listen to our stories, beside us when we are happy as well as stressful. They give us motivation to achieve our goals in our life. Therefore, Joyous & Folksy was born to help all our friends have a peaceful life.
We are committed to taking Joyous & Folksy’s profit to fund charity programs across the country. In fact, we focus on donating on activities and organizations rescuing injured dogs and raising abandoned dogs.
All Joyous & Folksy’s doormats have been made from soft material, sharp and vivid images. It is meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen with the support of modern machines. We commit to bring you doormats with the highest quality and you will definitely be satisfied.
We have a great opportunity to do meaningful work, and we would love to have you join us.




" Faced with such scenes, I cannot let these conditions get worse. The world of animal rescue needs our help urgently. In fact, millions of dogs and cats are abandoned in the UK every year. I have tried my best to run my company, give a part of the profits to reduce the number of unlucky dogs in the UK. You support our products, and also contribute to the dog rescue fund. We are very happy to be accompanying you to achieve this great goal ".

Founder of Joyous & Folksy